Northwest Atlanta Bead Society  

Committed to advancing the art of beading


Northwest Atlanta Bead Society


Article I: Name

The name of this organization is the Northwest Atlanta Bead Society, also known as “NWABS” or the “Society”.

Article II: Mission Statement

We are dedicated to advancing the art of beading in a non-competitive atmosphere and we are organized for the advancement of education of our members.

Article III: Membership

Section I: Membership is open to any person or business that supports the purpose and activities of this organization and may become a member upon application and payment of dues.

a.     Potential members may attend the first meeting free of charge. Membership dues are expected at the next meeting they attend.

b.    No discrimination will be made based on age, race, creed, color, sex, or national origin.

c.     Responsibilities of membership shall include payment of dues, acceptance of NWABS bylaws, agreement to have photographs of the member and their jewelry projects posted on the NWABS website and Facebook page, and agreement to be supportive of other members and the Society.

d.    Membership runs from January thru December.  The annual dues shall be set and may be revised by the NWABS Members while reviewing the budget for the upcoming year. The annual dues shall be payable by the January Meeting of each year. Membership dues paid by new members from January thru October cover the present year. Dues paid by new members in November and December are good thru the following December.

e.     All members are encouraged to recruit new members.

f.      A member may resign at any time but will receive no refund of dues.

g.    Scholarships are available for members under certain circumstances: child, elderly, special needs. Scholarships are offered on a year to year basis. Maximum of 2 scholarships a year. Scholarships may be renewed yearly after review by the Officers.

Section II: Revocation of Membership

a.     Reasons for revocation of membership include stealing, cheating,  dishonest behavior and any behavior that is harmful or threatening to other NWABS members.

Article IV: Meetings

Section I: Meetings

a.     Meetings will be held the second Saturday of each month. Exceptions will be made when we cannot secure the room at the library for that time.

b.    Meetings will consist of an agenda to address old and new business.

c.     Meetings can also include projects, guest teachers, workshops, and vendors.

Section II: Bead Retreats

a.     Bead Retreats will be held one to two times a year depending on the desires of the membership.

b.    Participation is encouraged but not mandatory.

Section III: Bead Shows

a.     NWABS will participate in bead shows in or near the Marietta/Cobb County area. This is one of the most important means of making the public aware of our organization and bringing in new members.

b.    Attendance is not mandatory but is highly encouraged.

c.     If there is an opportunity to sell jewelry items, each member is responsible for their own pricing and sales. Others will not sell for you.

d. Members will donate a pre-determined percentage of their sales to NWABS from bead show/arts and crafts fairs sales.

e.    If you sign up to work and are unable to honor your commitment, you are responsible for finding someone to work in your place.

f. Consideration will be given to participation in Arts and Crafts Fairs/Shows depending on the desires of the Membership.  

Article V: Code of Conduct

a.     All members shall treat each other with dignity and respect. Abuse such as derogatory remarks, threats, discrimination, or intimidation is unacceptable and harms the NWABS and its purpose.

b.    Membership may be rescinded by a simple majority vote of membership.

Article VI: Media/Communication

a.     NWABS maintains a website, www.northwestatlantabeadsociety.webs.com and a Facebook page which is open to the public and may contain pictures of members and their jewelry projects.

b.     Permission to post pictures of members and their jewelry is part of membership acceptance.

c.     All Society communication (Meeting Reminders, Projects, etc) is done via email, website, and Facebook page. In rare circumstances communication will be done by phone/text messaging.

Article VII: Non Beading Activity

a.     NWABS does not, and will not, allow any activities that influence legislation, nor will the Society campaign for or against any political candidates or groups.

Article IV: Officers

Section I: Officers will be nominated at a regular meeting  and voted into office by a simple majority rule. Officers include: President, President-Elect, Project Coordinator, and Secretary-Treasurer. Term of office runs January thru December.


a.     The position of President will be for one year.

1)Procures meeting place.

2)Works with other Officers

3)Makes sure committees and members appointed to special tasks are accomplishing their work effectively.

Acts as group spokesperson and official representative of the Society, as well as working behind the scenes.   


b.    The position of President Elect will be for one year, then moving into the position of President for one year.

1)Takes on the task of scheduling Bead Shows, outside vendors, leads  committees as requested by the President and assists the President as requested.

2)Maintains NWABS web site, Facebook page, and other media venues.

3)Acts as a general resource person for the Society and Members.

c.     The position of Project Coordinator runs for one year.

1)Takes on the task of leading the Project Committee in determining the  projects for the monthly meetings.

2)Leads the committee in planning Bead Retreats/Workshops for the Society.

d.    The Position of Secretary-Treasurer runs for one year.

1)Keeps minutes of each meeting, reads minutes at each meeting from the previous month, and assists in advertising the Society.

2) Receives all monies from Membership dues, pays all bills incurred by the Society. Gives Monthly, Quarterly, and End of Year financial reports to the Society.

e.  The officers shall assist the President and other members of the Board in

accomplishing the objectives of the Society and shall deliver to their successors all

material pertaining to their offices within a timely period after the January meeting following the end of their term of office.

Section II: Committees

 1)The President may appoint members to certain short term committees depending on the choices of the Society. (Examples: project committee, organizing a bead retreat, bead challenge, or bead show)

2)Will meet and correspond outside of general meetings as necessary to accomplish the purpose of the committee.

3)Committees will be dissolved at the end of the project.

4)All members are expected and encouraged to participate but it is not mandatory.

Section IV: Amendments

These By-laws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the

members present at a general meeting, provided the amendment is submitted, in writing, at the previous general meeting.

Approved January 2018 NWABS meeting by a simple majority of members.